Welcome to a new era of smart pet care

Whistle now brings you powerful health insights from the world’s largest Pet health study

Whistle is proud to unleash the Pet Insight Project – a pioneering health study over 50,000 dogs strong! With the help of our veterinary partners at Banfield Pet Hospital, we are revealing links between dogs’ behavior and well-being to enable a new era of proactive, preventive care. This is the start of something amazing.




Your dog can't tell you how they are feeling


A change in behavior is often the first sign of illness or injury.

Whistle monitors your dog around-the-clock to identify patterns in behaviors like scratching, licking, and sleep that can signal something isn't right.


Whistle helps interpret what your dog's behaviors may be saying about their well-being.

Our unprecedented health research helps decipher what is normal and what is cause for concern by comparing your dog's behavior to thousands of examples of similar veterinary-evaluated dogs.


 Introducing Wellness Trends

weekly insights into your dog’s wellness, backed by the world’s largest pet health study

 SLeep quality

Interrupted sleep can be the first sign that something isn’t right with your dog.

Whistle monitors your dog’s nightly sleep to help keep tabs on their health while you snooze.



Sleep Quality Detection

Whistle detects the amount of restful vs. disrupted sleep your dog gets every night. With bed and wake time reporting, you may even learn something about your own sleep habits!


Disruption Monitoring

See when your dog is having trouble sleeping through the night. Unprovoked sleep disruptions can be signs of discomfort that often go unnoticed under the cover of darkness.