OUR Ask of you (and your dog)

By signing up and getting a whistle device free of charge, you will be expected to complete some critical (and hopefully easy) participation steps to ensure the collected data can be used to advance veterinary medicine.

I will set up my Whistle and create my dog's profile within 14 days of receiving the device.

Setup includes downloading the Whistle app, following the in-app instructions, and placing the device on the dog(s)' collar.

I agree

I will keep my Whistle charged and on my dog's collar for at least 90 days (although longer is appreciated).

This will require charging the device when the Whistle app indicates battery is low (every 2 to 3 weeks for Whistle FIT).

I agree

I will visit Banfield Pet Hospital for my dog's twice-yearly comprehensive exams when Banfield indicates my dog is due.

These visits are included in your Optimum Wellness Plan and should occur every 6 months.

I agree