We need your help to gather data that may improve the lives of all pets - and have fun in the process! Together, we’ll take pet care to a new level and help our pets live healthier, happier lives.

It's rewarding

You'll get the new Whistle FIT, a state-of-the-art tracker that captures your dog's activity, calorie burn, mileage and more. Monitor your dog’s behavior through Whistle's mobile app, building healthier habits as you contribute research data. FIT is yours to keep and free of cost!

It's easy

No need to change a thing about your life - or your dog’s. Just keep your Whistle FIT on your dog’s collar and visit Banfield Pet Hospital® for the care included in your dog’s Optimum Wellness Plan®. The app and research team will do the rest.

It's important

By sharing your dog’s unique health and wellness story with Pet Insight Project, you’ll bring us closer to providing exceptionally personalized, proactive health care for your dog and all dogs.


ABOUT Pet Insight Project.

Pet Insight Project is a pioneering mission to collect and interpret the health stories of hundreds of thousands of dogs to improve the lives of pets everywhere.    

Your pet’s behavior offers extraordinary, yet often hidden, insights into his or her well-being. By observing pets’ behavior and health histories with unprecedented detail and scale, we seek to detect previously unseen patterns that are early indicators of changes in well-being. We strive to provide pet owners and caregivers with groundbreaking insight about their pets to enable a new era of proactive, preventative care.


About Whistle FIT


Monitor Activity

See how much your dog really moves during the day. Track his activity, rest, calories burned and more to keep him in tip-top shape

Track Progress

Use Whistle FIT to set your dog’s custom activity goals, and get personalized recommendations based on his age, weight, and breed

Build Healthy Habits

Get reminders when it’s time to play or go for a walk, and add other caregivers to the app so everyone taking care of your dog stays with the program

Feed with Confidence

Monitor how your dog's activity impacts calorie burn to make more informed decisions about how much to feed him or her


OUR Ask of you (and your dog)

By signing up and getting a whistle device free of charge, you will be expected to complete some critical (and hopefully easy) participation steps to ensure the collected data can be used to advance veterinary medicine.

I will set up my Whistle FIT and create my dog's profile within 14 days of receiving the device.

Setup includes downloading the Whistle app, following the in-app instructions, and placing the device on the dog(s)' collar.

I agree

I will keep Whistle FIT charged and on my dog's collar for at least 90 days (although longer is appreciated).

This will require charging the device when the Whistle app indicates battery is low (every 2 to 3 weeks).

I agree

I will visit Banfield Pet Hospital for my dog's twice-yearly comprehensive exams when Banfield indicates my dog is due.

These visits are included in your Optimum Wellness Plan and should occur every 6 months.

I agree