About Enrollment

Why should I join?

Participating in Pet Insight Project is fun, easy, and important. You'll have exclusive access to the new Whistle FIT Activity Monitor, which we'll provide free of cost and is yours to keep. You'll also be a critical part of groundbreaking research to improve the lives of pets, making it easier than ever to be a pet health hero.

Am I eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate (and receive a Whistle device):

  • Your dog(s) must be enrolled in a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan®; we love cats, but the first phase of the project will be focused on dogs exclusively

  • You must have a home WiFi network (dual-band or 2.4 ghz) and either an iOS device (at least iOS10.0) or Android device (at least v5.0)

  • Your dog(s) must consistently wear your Whistle device, which attaches to any collar up to 1” wide, as data collected by Whistle must be continuous to provide value to you and our research team

If you and your dog(s) do not meet those criteria, we’d still like to keep you involved in the project with updates and news, which you can sign up for here.

HOW Much does it cost to join?

Participating in the project with the Whistle FIT Pet Activity Monitor is completely free, and the Whistle FIT is yours to keep forever. In return, we hope that you will use the Whistle FIT for at least 90 days (and ideally longer) to collect critical data about your dog's behavior that we are using to advance veterinary medicine.

We are also offering the opportunity to participate in the project with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker, which provides location tracking functionality in addition to activity monitoring, for only the cost of the location tracking subscription plan ($6.95-9.95/month). Choosing the Whistle 3 and paying for the subscription plan is completely optional - location tracking functionality is not required for the research and all participants are welcome to sign up with the complimentary Whistle FIT. 

What information do I need to enroll?

You’ll only need your Banfield client ID and the matching last name to join the Pet Insight Project. Your client ID and associated last name can be found on the profile page of your MyBanfield online portal, as well as the project invitation email (if you received one), and any invoice or treatment summary from Banfield. The Pet Insight Project enrollment form matches against the last name on file at Banfield, so you must enter the last name exactly as it appears on the online portal. We'll also ask your permission to allow Banfield to share your dog's health records with the Pet Insight Project research team so we can explore connections between behavior and well-being.

I have more than one dog - can I get a Whistle for all of them?

Yes, you can request a Whistle for every dog that is currently enrolled in an Optimum Wellness Plan. The enrollment form allows up to two devices per order. If you have 3 or more dogs, we recommend that you start with one or two Whistle devices and make sure they meet your expectations. You can then re-visit the enrollment form and order additional Whistle devices for your other eligible dogs.

When you set up your Whistle device and Whistle account, you can add additional pets so you can track all of your dogs through the same Whistle application. However, it is critical that you keep the same Whistle FIT on each dog to ensure the reliability of paired behavior and health records. You can tell the Whistle devices apart by the serial number at the back of the device, or by placing your own mark on them (e.g. sticker or initials).

Where do I find my Banfield Client ID to enroll in the project?

Your client ID can be found on the profile page of your MyBanfield online portal, any invoice or treatment summary from Banfield, or the project invitation email (if you received one).

During enrollment, I RECEIved AN ERROR that my last name does not match - what do I do?

The Pet Insight Project enrollment form matches against the last name on file at Banfield, so you must enter the last name exactly as it appears on the profile page of your MyBanfield online portal, including any special characters or misspellings in the name on file. 


About Participating

What do I need to do as part of the study?

By using your Whistle device, you’ll be contributing to the study. All you need to do is set up your Whistle when you receive it and keep it charged and attached to your pet’s collar.

In return for getting a Whistle device at no cost, we hope that you will contribute to the research by:

  • Downloading the Whistle mobile application and following the instructions to set up your Whistle within 14 days of receiving it
  • Keeping your Whistle charged and on your dog's collar for at least 90 days, re-charging it when the app indicates battery is low (every 2 to 3 weeks for Whistle FIT)
  • Visiting Banfield at least every 6 months for the twice-yearly comprehensive exams included in your Optimum Wellness Plan

Please consider that if you enroll in the project and do not use your Whistle, you are preventing that device from being used by others and collecting valuable data that is critical to advancing the well-being of pets everywhere. 


What pet(s) can use Whistle FIT?

When you set up your Whistle FIT, you will be asked to select the dog that will be wearing the device from the list of your dogs that are eligible for the project. It is critical that you continue to use FIT on the dog you set up the account for to ensure the behavior and health profiles are paired accurately for research. If you do not see your dog in the list of eligible dogs during FIT set up, or if your dog can no longer use FIT and you’d like to use for another pet, please contact support at fitsupport@whistle.com or call 833-393-4830.


Can I change which pet IS USING My Whistle Device?

Once you set up the device on your dog, it is critical that you continue using it on the same dog to ensure that behavior and health profiles are paired accurately for research. You can request additional Whistle devices if you have multiple dogs with an Optimum Wellness Plan. If your dog can no longer wear his/her Whistle and you’d like to use it on another dog, please contact customer support.


How often should my dog wear the Whistle?

As much as possible! It is recommended that your dog wears his/her collar with the Whistle attached at all times. If your dog will not wear a collar consistently, we do not advise you to join the project as insights collected by Whistle will not be valuable for you or researchers.


When should I visit Banfield?

You should continue to visit Banfield for your dog(s)’ care as you did before joining the Pet Insight Project. We recommend that your dog(s) utilize the services included in Optimum Wellness Plans to help them stay in great health, including twice-yearly comprehensive exams and routine diagnostic testing. If your pet has an emergency or immediate need, please call your hospital directly and an associate will help you right away. After hospital emergency hours, please contact your nearest emergency veterinary hospital.


When will I see results from the research?

While the full vision of the Pet Insight Project may take years to achieve, we will share our findings throughout the study. We’ll keep participants on the cutting edge of pet care by updating the Whistle app with new features and capabilities as we uncover them.


How else can I help?

The most important thing you can do is continue using your Whistle and visiting Banfield for your dog’s care. We’ll also be contacting you throughout the project with additional opportunities to contribute information about your dog that will help us identify and detect important behaviors.

We are currently seeking participants to capture and share videos of their dog(s) performing certain behaviors while wearing a Whistle device in order to teach the devices to detect new behaviors. Submitted videos are reviewed and labelled by our research team, paired with the sensor data from the dog's Whistle device, and used to train machine learning algorithms to identify the 'signature' of the behavior in the sensor data.

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About Whistle FIT

How long does Whistle FIT’s battery last?

The Whistle FIT lasts over two weeks on a single charge, making tracking your pet’s activity seamless. The app will notify you when the battery is low, and the FIT comes with a USB charger that brings your FIT back to full charge in about 90 minutes.


Is Whistle FIT waterproof?

Whistle FIT is water-resistant and durable (rated IPX7).


How does Whistle FIT attach to my pet’s collar?

Whistle FIT comes with an attachment piece to secure the device directly onto your pet’s existing collar or harness (up to 1’’ wide). The device can easily be removed from the attachment when it needs to be charged.


Does Whistle FIT track my dog’s location?

No, Whistle FIT does not offer location tracking, but we are offering Pet Insight Project participants the opportunity to enroll in project with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker for only the cost of the location tracking subscription plan ($6.95-9.95/month). Learn more about the Whistle 3 here

If you’ve already joined the project with the Whistle FIT, we are also offering discounts for participants to upgrade to Whistle 3 and add location tracking. Contact questions@petinsight.com if you’re interested in purchasing a discounted Whistle 3 to participate in the project.


Please contact Whistle's support team at fitsupport@whistle.com or (833) 393-4830. If needed, we can provide a replacement Whistle FIT free of charge for dogs that are still eligible to participate in the project (has an active Optimum Wellness Plan).


For more information and technical support questions, visit the Whistle FIT support site