Eating Detection Sign Up

what to expect


Try to take note of the time of day you feed your dog - you won't need to know the exact moment, but will need to remember general timing the following morning.


We'll send you an email every morning for the next 30 days with the time of day and duration of the meals your Whistle device detected from the prior day. Note that we're excluding treats from the detection technology at this time, so snacks should not appear in the list of detected meals.


Let us know if the detected meal actually happened and if we missed any other meals that day through a simple web page. If your dog has unique eating habits (e.g. eats meals out of a rubber toy), you can let us know in the notes section.

Your feedback improves the technology AND BRINGS US CLOSER TO advancing pet care

We use your responses to teach machine learning algorithms which of the predictions were correct and incorrect, improving the accuracy and reliability over time.

We are in the very early stages of development, and the meal predictions we provide as part of testing should be viewed as experimental and not be used to evaluate your dog's behavior.

With your help, we hope to improve the eating detection technology so that it can be used to identify changes in dog's eating patterns that are often key indicators of potential issues - enabling earlier detection and more informed pet care.


Please contact us at questions@petinsight.com