interested in tracking your dog's location?

Many project participants have asked about tracking their dogs’ location with a Whistle device. While Whistle FIT does not support location tracking, we're offering the opportunity to participate in the project with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker (a $79.95 value) for only the cost of the location tracking subscription plan ($6.95 - $9.95/month).


Add location tracking

I am interested in adding location tracking and paying for the subscription plan ($6.95-$9.95/month).

No thanks

I'm happy to use the completely free Whistle FIT Activity Monitor to participate in Pet Insight Project.


Note: Whistle FIT cannot be exchanged for Whistle 3 (and location tracking functionality) after signing up for the project, and location tracking must be selected during enrollment in order to receive a free Whistle 3. However, we are offering previously enrolled participants an exclusive offer to purchase Whistle 3 for 50% off (and the ability to transfer your dog's profile to the new device). Contact if you're already enrolled in the project and want to upgrade your device to add location tracking.