Step into the Petcare Time Machine. Destination: the Future of Veterinary Care

Pet Insight Project is built around the idea that machine-learning empowered wearable devices - like Whistle FIT - will help provide pet owners and veterinarians with earlier detection of behavioral changes, which will in turn lead to more prompt and informed care.

To help bring our vision for the future of petcare to life, we’ve created a few stories about what petcare looks like now, and what petcare might look like in the near future: beginning with Bingo, a six year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with heart trouble, and ending with Lady, a two year old mixed breed with skin trouble. Along the way we’ll explore how early detection of behavioral changes may change how quickly we can respond to health troubles in our beloved pets.


Bingo is a six year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel , and considered to be the cutest thing on the planet by his family. He is naturally blessed with good looks, and - unfortunately - a bad heart.

Bingo’s family faithfully visits their vet every 6 months and follow any of her recommendations. At the first sound of a heart murmur they collected a baseline work up. Everything came back within the normal limits, so they scheduled a follow up in 6 months.

What follows on the left-hand side is care TODAY. On the right, the future of petcare powered by Pet Insight Project:



Dixie is a 5 year old Dapple Doxie with the freedom to roam around her back yard. One day she is digging an impressive hole and finds a great prize - a wonderful BBQ bone from the previous occupants of the house - and takes it back to her lair under the porch. Her happy chewing is interrupted by a cracking noise and a sharp pain that causes her to abandon her prize and head back into the sun for a nap.

Dixie, unable to mention her day’s endeavors to her family, is fed as normal come dinnertime. As she dives in to devour her meal, she feels that pain again. She gingerly chews most of her dinner and retires to nap with the family on the couch. Still a bit hungry after her nap, she returns to polish off the rest of her dinner.

Explore Dixie’s journey today on the left vs. Dixie’s health journey powered by Pet Insight Project on the right:



Lady is a two year old mixed breed “fluff” that seems to have all the bad luck when it comes to her skin. When Julie adopted her, Lady was itchy, but she had just been treated for fleas. She never seemed to get any better and spends much of her days chewing and licking her poor feet.

One day, after finding blood on Lady’s feet, a horrified Julie raced Lady to Dr. Graham. Lady was diagnosed with allergies and sent home with a hypoallergenic diet recommendation, topical medication for her feet, and top-notch flea control.

Explore Lady’s journey with today’s technology on the left vs. the future that Pet Insight Project hopes to enable on the right: