Pet Insight Project launches to decode the future of pet care

Your pet is as unique as they are adorable, and we know you’ll do anything to keep them healthy and happy - and along with our partners in Mars Petcare, we’re always on a mission to help make A Better World for Pets™ (especially yours). Today, we have exciting news about how the engineers and data scientists at Whistle have teamed up with the veterinary medicine experts at Banfield Pet Hospital™ to unlock a new future for preventive pet care: Pet Insight Project.

Pet Insight Project is one of the largest pet health studies built using tech and medical records to interpret and decode pet behaviors over time. The goal of the study is to introduce the ability to detect early warning signs of health changes in pets, in hopes that what we learn during the study will help veterinarians and pet owners better partner together to detect, treat and care for pets.

Participating pet owners who enroll their pets into this exciting research will receive a Whistle FIT, a purpose-built activity monitor created to continuously track pet movement and behaviors. Pet owners will also take their pet into Banfield Pet Hospitals for repeat wellness visits to paint a clearer picture of their pet’s health as it relates to the collected movement data. Then, the data collected through the device and visits to the veterinarian will be analyzed by our teams of data scientists and veterinary medical professionals. This team of professionals will work together to identify hidden behavior patterns of hundreds of thousands of pets and see if they can predict or signal any changes in a pet’s well-being. Dogs can’t speak, but their data can.

Pet Insight Project is now enrolling participants across the United States. Be sure to follow the study and stay tuned for insights as they are announced. To keep up with research into the future of pet care, visit