2018 By the Numbers


As we look forward to 2019, we’re looking back on our accomplishments in 2018.

In the first year of the project, we signed up over 50,000 dogs and 35,000 owners, taking an important step towards our three-year goal of enrolling 200,000 dogs in Pet Insight Project.

Each dog enrolled in the project is a patient of Banfield Pet Hospital, giving our team of engineers, data scientists, and veterinary medicine experts an unprecedented seat at the intersection of Whistle sensor data, and data collected from Banfield’s veterinary medical records system. During the year, our participants logged 40,000 visits to Banfield with Whistle data, and we observed over 1,500 dermatological issues and over 950 ear infections associated with Whistle data, among a number of other medical conditions and treatments.

These documented cases are important milestones for us. In order to train our algorithms to accurately predict health issues, we need a perspective that overlaps the timeline of Whistle data and real-time video, and one that overlaps veterinary data with behavior predictions. Because of the efforts of our video capture contest participants - who have contributed over 4,000 videos - and because of the ongoing engagement and participation of 35,000 owners - we’re making real progress towards accurate prediction and detection of health issues.

Not to be outshined by their owners, our canine partners have logged over 2,250,000 days of data, and have achieved over 830,000 activity goals; the best of the bunch being Stella, a Bluetick Coonhound Mix who has met over 290 of her daily activity goals.

Speaking of goals, our “Puppy” category leads the pack with an average goal of 76 minutes per day, followed by “Adult” dogs with 53 minutes per day, and “Senior” dogs with 38 minutes per day. Puppies tend to accomplish their goals most often, with an average goal completion rate of 29.9%, and Seniors beat out Adult dogs with an average goal completion rate of 28.2% vs. 23%.

But enough numbers, let’s get out the gratitude and champagne. How about a toast to all of the partners and participants who have helped us make 2018 an impactful year for the future of pet care. We’ve learned a lot this year, but none of it would have been possible without your help. Thank you, and we’re looking forward to taking big steps for pet-kind in 2019.