Meet the first 10,000 dogs of Pet Insight Project

Earlier this year, we kicked off Pet Insight Project, an ambitious study that seeks to change how we provide care for our pets.

Pet Insight Project uses a combination of technology and data to interpret and decode pet behaviors over time, with the ultimate goal of enabling us to proactively treat and care for our pets.

In just a few months, we’ve reached a significant milestone: more than 10,000 dogs enrolled in the study! For context, the three-year study aims to amass more than 200,000 dogs, which would make it one of the largest tech-enabled studies of pet health.

Here is a first look at the dogs that are part of this pioneering research community:

This is just the beginning! Participants will keep using their Whistle devices to continuously track pet movement and behaviors, which, when combined with regular health care visits to Banfield Pet Hospitals, should help us gain a more holistic view of pet health. The more pets that join, the more data and insights we’ll gather, and the more we’ll be able to learn.

While the project has 10,000 participating dogs (and growing), every single participant counts. Each dog has unique traits and behaviors that not only makes them special to you, but also contributes the data diversity needed to make the project successful. If your dog is participating, we encourage you to keep your Whistle device charged and on their collar so your one-of-a-kind dog is represented in the research.

You can share your dog’s experience and Whistle stats on social media using the hashtag #petinsightproject. We’d love to feature your dog on the Whistle Labs channels!